Being, Belonging, Becoming – a quality of life frame for building resilient inclusive schools for peri- and postpandemic period


  • Loredana Adriana Patrascoiu University of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences



quality of life, special needs, inclusive school


This article describes the concept of quality of life in the equation of quality of inclusive education starting from the Being-Belonging - Becoming approach, a model of quality of life validated by the University of Toronto. The aim of the study is to identify solutions for inclusive schools as a social actor (through educational and social practices) that has to be involved in improving the quality of life of beneficiaries for the peri- and post pandemic period. A semi structured interview (Voice of Beneficiaries) is the main method for a radiography of the quality of education addressed to children with special needs from urban and rural geographical areas during the pandemic period, by questioning 34 experts belonging to several interest groups  (16 teachers with expertise, 5 school principals, 8 parents with expertise in the field and 5 representatives of NGOs) about their perception regarding socio-emotional development and well-being of stakeholders and how learning environments/learning and assessment strategies/teacher-student interactions have changed; their improvement proposals about. This process is not designed to be statistically significant, but rather to get ideas that can be important for further analysis. The identified solutions allow us to elaborate of a matrix of educational services listed in the Being-Belonging - Becoming pattern.


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