Online speech therapy - interaction, efficiency, results


  • Elisabeta Elena Anghel Secondary Special School ”Constantin Păunescu” Bucharest



speech therapy, online speech therapy, questionnaire, interaction, efficiency, results


This article discusses some aspects of online speech therapy, regarding the interaction, effectiveness and outcome, the discussion being based on studies conducted both in terms of language disorders and in accordance with the presence of disability. As a base for the research, I have used the survey method, with a questionnaire applied to a number of 51 parents whose children have conducted online speech therapy sessions, mainly synchronously. The advantages and disadvantages of using online therapy are debated from the point of view of both the parent and the speech therapist. The importance of choosing the right therapeutic form (online or classic) being an inherent conclusion.

Author Biography

Elisabeta Elena Anghel, Secondary Special School ”Constantin Păunescu” Bucharest

Special education teacher


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