For Authors

All articles and publications submitted to Review of Psychopedagogy are bound to be reviewed. The Review of Psychopedagogy using double blind peer review: reviewers are not aware of the identity of the authors, and authors are also not aware of the identity of the reviewers. Each issue of the journal has at least two or more reviewers for the total number of articles.
The contents of the article must reflect:
– if the article content fit the journal’s subject-matter;
– novelty of the data, general characteristics, importance and reasonability of the materials;
– theoretical and practical value (effect which can be achieved via usage of the research results in practical work);
– use of mathematical statistics methods and the degree of using scientific toolkit, data validity and reasonability;
– language and style of writing, logics, examples.

Materials for publication will have to meet the following conditions:

Paper title: Times New Roman 14, bold centered.
Author (s): (title, profession) Surname, name, professional affiliation Times New Roman 12 Bold centered;
Abstract (in English) 80-100 words, Times New Roman 10 shall be placed on the front page between title and body text, using Times New Roman 10, single-spaced, followed by Keywords (in English) (4-7), Times New Roman font, size 10.
The full-length paper must not exceed 20 pages (including references), in A4 page format, using Times New Roman font size 12 for body text, single-spaced.
References shall be presented in alphabetical order, following APA standard, at the end of the paper, using Times New Roman font, size 10.

Citation example
In-line citation of authors will follow this rule: the author’s name, year of publication, page number(s) (e.g., Johnson, 2012, pp. 23-25).

References examples


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